Website Development and Design

Work accident compensation calculator developed

Axis Interactive have recently completed a project with the team at Quittance Personal Injury.

Quittance are the UK’s leading personal injury solicitor network.  The company offers legal assistance to people who have been injured through no fault of their own.

The company has a large work injury claims department that interacts with thousands of claimants every year.

The most important part of your website

The most important part of your website has little to do with your developer. If I was to guess, without the aid of proper testing, where the vast majority of time on a web project should be spent, I would say, without hesitation: content. This is why:

Creating a good specification

Your specification is a thorough description of what your website or web-based software needs to do. It should be the most reliable source of clarity for your developer. As well as defining what needs to be achieved, it serves as a contract between you and your developer, and should be created with the same attention to detail as one.

Scalable Budget-Conscious Websites

Growing your business means making difficult budget decisions. Without customers, your tools are pointless, but without tools, your online marketing efforts are pointless. No amount of search engine optimization or massively successful conversion of that traffic into actual customers means anything if your business can not fundamentally furnish those customers’ needs.

Axis Christmas Party - a thrill!

On Friday the 11th December we had our “thrilling, fun, competitive and thoroughly enjoyable” staff Christmas party.

Welcome to the team


2015 has been an exciting year for Axis Interactive.

Not only have we “set-up camp” in new offices at the Abrey Eco Park in Kloof, but have also welcomed 4 new team members.

We've moved into new offices

Positive about growth prospects in 2016, Axis interactive have recently moved into new offices in Kloof, Kwazulu Natal.

Owner, Bruce Clothier, stated that the company had outgrown its offices in Pietermaritzburg due to an increase in team members, and the need to be more “durban-based” and more accessible to our clients that played a big part in the decision to move.

KZN Business Training Centre New Site

The Build

The build took 3 months from start to handover including a month of intense site grooming at the end of the initial build, with the client and us working closely together over Skype and at their offices ironing out the final product to product a smooth registration process for the KZN Business Training customer. No stone was left unturned in our search for the most efficient booking system.

Solutions in Marketing

Axis produced our company website, and continue to assist us with graphic design for marketing campaigns. Bruce is a solutions-orientated person, who always produces creative and dynamic results.

Guy L, London