Web and Graphic Services

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

The Benjamin Generation, founded by Adrian and Ginny Barnard, is an organization dedicated to the welfare of orphaned children in South Africa, and particularly in the Midlands area of KwaZulu Natal.

They provide a cluster fostering platform supported by donated funds, and aim to grow to provide a home for as many as 300 orphaned South African children within 2 years.

Efficient and effective

Axis are creative, out the box thinkers who resolve queries efficiently and effectively.

Julie T, Johannesburg

3D Modeling & Animation

3D modeling for architectural visualisation. Flyovers and animations. Get photo-realistic visualisations of your architectural or engineering projects before you enter the build phase.

COPPA applies to you?

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA

With the supposed increase in the enforcement of this act, there is a buzz about forums about whether this law applies to your website. First off, it is a US federal law, so although you may not fall under its direct jurisdiction, you can safely assume that your country will mirror the law soon enough, so best to get compliant early to avoid development costs later. Also, its not a bad thing to get compliant from a moral point of view. Another consideration is that Google probably takes this quite seriously and may, by extension, enforce it to a degree through search results.

How close is too close to a design?

I used to be a web designer, and occasionally I still end up doing the designs on one of our websites when my designer is too busy, but I’m not overly fond of the job. I am too passionate about my designs, and I have to work too hard to remove my taste from the equation. I believe that made me a bad designer, so I moved into development and started using my right brain on inventing solutions that the client never really gets to comment on.

How we work


We like to keep you involved in all stages of your site's development, from inception to completion. Projects being dynamic by virtue of the fact that the possibilities are unclear to a regular customer until well after a project's start, we adapt as we move. All the time trying to predict your needs, we build with your future in mind.