Why is Drupal so good for SEO?

Website development of any sort for any public-facing site would not be complete without some effort put toward search engine optimisation (SEO). To our mind, if you are not trying to grab some online customers with your website, you are missing a big opportunity. Yes, SEO is hard work, and yes, it can be expensive in your time, but it does not have to be prohibitively expensive to get the tools to do it properly. And those tools are:

  • A researcher and blogger
  • Social and other online presences
  • A well designed and developed website

The first item here means a salary. It doesn’t have to be a massive salary but someone that speaks and writes good English (or whatever language your site is communicating in), and someone intelligent enough to put together a decent article is paramount. So don’t hire someone with an E in matric English or who can’t send you an email without speling mistayks.

The second item is easy. That’s something your web developer (hopefully us) can guide you through pretty quickly and cheaply.

The third item is a minefield. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a conversation with someone about being let down by a developer. There are some real cowboys out there, as there are in all fields, but there are some great Drupal developers too. We like to consider ourselves amongst those.

Where we shine is in using Drupal CMS to your SEO advantage.

Drupal is a content management system. That means that you have control over your content. Which means that you can write articles or blogs to your heart’s content. And who is going to know better than you about your product? Certainly not someone offering you a place on page one for your product in under a week for R1000 (“By the way, please pay up front sir”). SEO takes time and effort. A lot has to happen in the background including the fact that the search engines have to meet your site, index your pages, decide that you are not a fly-by-night by watching how people interact with your site, and start pushing you up its ranks when its happy.

With Drupal, you get to help that process along with content, and we get to help it along with modules and code that presents the search engines with the information they require. We can do that efficiently too: Sitemaps are a 10 minute module install away from live (I haven’t coded a sitemap in years, I use the free contributed module and pass those savings onto my client). Social media links are also a few minutes and a module download away from live. Map integration too, something Google likes, is fast and already coded up for us.

Drupal’s module system means that a lot of our work is done for us. And because SEO is such a key part of website development, there are a myriad of modules available out there to serve that purpose.

So it’s not just your content that benefits from Drupal, its our development speed and by extension, your wallet.

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