Scalable Budget-Conscious Websites

Growing your business means making difficult budget decisions. Without customers, your tools are pointless, but without tools, your online marketing efforts are pointless. No amount of search engine optimization or massively successful conversion of that traffic into actual customers means anything if your business can not fundamentally furnish those customers’ needs.

The next problem with website development is that if you don’t put in a decent budget in the beginning, you aren’t going to get a decent enough product to use as a base going forward. Every developer you go to through the life of your business is going to tell you that your website needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Even if you are with the same developer as your websites' needs grow, they will, at times, tell you that for your site to do all the new things, they need to rebuild it on more robust technology.

Besides, there are other ways to get customers, such as walking around dropping flyers, which is surely cheaper? 1000 A4 flyers will cost you about R2500 in South Africa, and if you have the budget, you should do that as well, however the advantage a website has over those is that it can (to mention just three):

  • Put across a lot more information
  • Can result in an instant sale
  • Is easily updatable
  • Has an almost unlimited reach

Taking these factors into account, we created a website starter. The idea behind it was that it could be a:

  • Cheap enough website to not exclude new businesses that do not have a large website budget
  • Scaleable enough that it will not require a rebuild at every turn in your business road
  • Robust enough that it will not break, or be overly vulnerable to hacking

Then we thought further to problems we know people have with sites. For one thing, they can’t edit the sites themselves if they are cheaply built. Also, if you happen to have got a low cost content management system (CMS), which is fancy web developer talk for “a site you can update yourself”, then often times you have no idea how to actually use it. On top of that there is the problem of a unique looking website: cheap websites often are only possible if sold as a template. There isn’t really any getting around this, and we have to do the same thing, however our template is very raw. That is to say it is a long way from a finished product and has to be customized to be usable. That gives us a great starting point, to product a highly customized look for your site.

Our web starter package, therefore, answers these questions too with:

  • Free hosting setup assistance
  • Free video support
  • Highly customizable look and feel

And what would you expect to pay for all this? Guessing games are silly, it will cost you R8900.


  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Built on the latest stable Drupal technology
  • Image gallery
  • Contact form
  • Blog

Optional upgrades

  • Online product catalogue
  • Order form - Allows people to add items to a cart and send through orders online
  • Payment gateway integration - eCommerce
  • Call me back - asks for visitors contact details and emails them to you
  • Quote engine - delivers live quotes to visitors and captures their contact details
  • Calculators - offers people a relevant calculator and can capture their contact details
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