How close is too close to a design?

I used to be a web designer, and occasionally I still end up doing the designs on one of our websites when my designer is too busy, but I’m not overly fond of the job. I am too passionate about my designs, and I have to work too hard to remove my taste from the equation. I believe that made me a bad designer, so I moved into development and started using my right brain on inventing solutions that the client never really gets to comment on.

Base website products

Basic CMS website (11 Point CMS)

  1. Drupal CMS base (includes blog, search function and authentication for private member/administrative areas as well as all other benefits that come with the Drupal CMS)
  2. Two permission based roles setup (Used to control access to certain parts of the site e.g. Marketing manager has permission to see marketing statistics, but salespeople don\'t
  3. One pre-populated category (e.g. Colours: Yellow, Blue, Green, or Location: Guateng, KZN, Mpumalanga, or Furniture: Couches, Coffee tables, Dressers)

How we work


We like to keep you involved in all stages of your site's development, from inception to completion. Projects being dynamic by virtue of the fact that the possibilities are unclear to a regular customer until well after a project's start, we adapt as we move. All the time trying to predict your needs, we build with your future in mind.

Reviews on your Google listing

Ever wonder how some listings in the Google search results pages have reviews attached, as Axis Interactive has here:

You too can get all that fanciness, with a very simple process. Here are a few basic starter steps.

Faster Drupal in a few easy steps

This is pretty basic speed up your site article. It assumes little effort has been made, but it is something I wish I had found when I was starting out. There are much deeper and more effective methods of speeding up your Drupal website including Varnish, Memcache, APC, Sprites (this is also an easy win by the way as it reduces the number of calls - that's almost more important than reduced image sizes), Image optimization, CDNs, and a host of other methods and tools.

Embracing how we build websites

I often wonder how hard I can push my opinion on my clients. They came to me for help, and they did so often after talking to a friend (90% of my business comes from referral). So, how much do I offer as optional? I wouldn’t give them the option of not putting their contact details on their site unless they had a brilliant reason not to. I would argue against building anything static if the site looked to have an expanding future. So why don’t I just demand they put in extra budget for a responsive design? Where is the line?

Surveyor local hits ground running

Just two months after launch, Surveyor Local has been showing impressive returns in the search engine result pages.

Already competing with our longest standing conveyancing and home buyers survey customer, this new site really seems to be benefiting from the massive effort put in by its owners using our SEO enhancing tools.

Another new site goes live

Our latest site is another Drupal site, built using our latest custom SEO tools which assist in pushing sites up in search engine ranks by providing your site's visitors with great content while saving you a bunch of content creation time.

The project was completed together with our partners at Fitzalan Partners, who's outstanding SEO, and conversion contributions set this site aside in a highly competitive market.

Homeward Legal goes live

After three months of intense site building, the London-based owners of now have a brand new Drupal content management system driven site. Working around the clock together with London's top SEO experts and designers, Axis have produced yet another great site in the property industry. The friendly competition that exists between our top property companies have given us a rare opportunity to develop for multiple sites in the same arena, acquiring each site by word of mouth from their competitors!